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Imagine buying your dream steak: it’s hand-selected from the butcher counter, freshly cut, perfectly red and complete with just the right marbling. We had the same image, too—until we woke up to the benefits of frozen meat. In reality, the freshest, most delicious steaks are often frozen. (Yes, really!) Taste is just one reason why it’s time to say bye to the butcher counter and say hello to fresh, flavorful, frozen meats.

Flash freezing locks in flavor and freshness

We hear the term “frozen vs. fresh” a lot, which implies that it’s one or the other. At Champs, frozen IS fresh. That’s because we’re able to process meats as close to the farm as possible then flash-freeze and seal them immediately to lock in all the flavor. It’s a simple idea that only a handful of suppliers can do well. Champs does it best.

Frozen meats = lower carbon footprint

Ecological impact might not be the first thing on your mind when writing your grocery list. Still, it’s great to know frozen meats reduce waste and cause fewer carbon emissions than fresh. Why? Frozen meats that are freshly processed and flash-frozen can be transported at once, in fewer trips. It’s the alternative to going back and forth for raw meat that ultimately goes bad and loses flavor faster. (No thanks.)

You’ll know the “freeze history”

One of the reasons we think frozen meat gets a bad rap is because of the freeze-thaw-refreeze-rethaw cycle that often starts at the butcher counter. As a customer at most butcher counters, you won’t know if the meat you’re buying has already been frozen and thawed. If you freeze and thaw it again once you’re home, that second thaw breaks down more cells, leaching out moisture, texture and taste. With Champs, you’ll never have that problem.

Vacuum-sealed flavor that LASTS

Sure, you can vacuum-seal and refrigerate a steak. But that will last 10 days tops. The benefit of vacuum-sealed frozen meat is almost endless. Less food waste. More time to enjoy your Champs steaks. And less likelihood that the flavor will decrease over time. Champs allows you to enjoy fresh-tasting steaks, pork chops and more over a YEAR after they were butchered. (It’s normal to be skeptical but try it out for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.)

Easy to thaw

“Don’t forget to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight!” How many teenagers heard their mom say that growing up? With our vacuum-sealed packages, Champs meats are simple to thaw. Simply place in a lukewarm water bath or leave it on the counter and let time do the rest. The result: meat that’s as fresh as the day it was butchered. And, yes, mom would approve.

The freshest meats in South Texas are waiting for you.

Stop by Champs Meat Market today for winning steak, pork, sausage, poultry, prepared foods and more. With Champs—your victory is sealed.

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