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Champs Meat Market is bringing chef-inspired side dishes front-and-center—offering more delicious ways to win your next meal.

Protein may be the cornerstone of a balanced plate, but nothing makes a meal complete like the perfect side dish. That’s why Champs Meat Market has partnered with Certified Executive Chef (CEC) Matt Axtell to build out a menu of rich, scratch-made side dishes to accompany its high-quality, regionally sourced meats. The new line of savory sides and sweet desserts is full of Texas favorites and steakhouse classics—helping you serve up a delicious meal whether it’s a weeknight or date night.

Flavor big enough for Champs

With over 20 years of experience as a professional chef, Axtell has cooked nearly every kind of cuisine. But for this line of side dishes, it all boils down to two characteristics: big and rich.

“When you’re making sides to accompany the iconic taste of Champs’ meats—you have to build flavors that will hold up,” said Axtell. “For this menu, those big, rich ingredients include Italian white truffle, smoke, and of course, cheese!”

Inspiration in every bite

With so many of life’s special occasions marked by food, Axtell understands there’s an importance to making something familiar but also memorable in its own way.

“My grandmothers were great cooks. They made everything from scratch—and that’s what I’m going for here at Champs,” said Axtell. “Maybe you don’t have the time our grandmothers had, but Champs can take the time to get it prepared for you. Your family will see you pull it out of the oven, and they’ll remember you for it.”

Making great meals easy

You shouldn’t have to go to the steakhouse every time you want a beautiful plate of food. Champs has become a household name for helping South Texans get the highest-quality, regionally sourced meats in a breeze. With the new sides menu, the offerings are only getting better.

“With one stop, you’ll be able to get appetizers, entrées, sides, desserts, and wine. By the time the steaks are done on the grill, the sides will be done in the oven,” said Axtell. “Instead of spending time cooking potatoes and spinach, you’ll be relaxing with family and friends.”

Try Champs’ sides for yourself

The complete side dishes menu will be available for purchase at both Champs locations. The hand-made, savory sides are broccoli rice casserole, creamed spinach, fresh green bean casserole, cowboy beans, mac & cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, truffle roasted potatoes and twice-baked potatoes. For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts are apple crisp, key lime pies and peach cobbler.

All dishes are cooked fresh then flash-frozen to seal in the flavor. Just take it home, heat it up in the oven and serve to your guests with love.

Want to know more?

Visit us at our original location in Calallen at 15602 Northwest Blvd, or our brand-new location in Star Plaza at 4750 SPID @ Everhart Road.

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