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Peeler Farms Wagyu Beef – June 2023 Specials

This month – treat yourself (and maybe your friends and family) to a beef experience unlike any other.

Champs Meat Market is featuring specials on all Peeler Farms Wagyu beef. Champs is the exclusive purveyor of Peeler Farms Wagyu in South Texas. The Peeler Farms Wagyu herd is several hundred strong, purebred Akaushi Japanese cattle, reared in Floresville, Texas. Some are pure grass fed and finished and some are 100% grain fed for greater marbling. No matter, the flavor and tenderness will have you coming back for more.

See our specials by cut and price per pound. Call or come in and don’t miss out!

Wagyu Brisket 9.90/lb
Wagyu Filet 63.76/lb
Wagyu Flank Steak 19.50/lb
Wagyu Hamburger Patties 7.95/lb
Wagyu NY Strip 25.37/lb
Wagyu Outside Skirt 18.95/lb
Wagyu Ribeye Steak 29.95/lb
Wagyu Ground Beef Grass Finished 7.50/lb

The Peelers raise their Wagyu herd themselves, rather than contracting with other ranchers. Peeler Farms operate a ‘fully integrated beef operation, with the ranch and the feedlot on the same property’. The animals are processed at the family’s Dean & Peeler Meatworks, which is the only federally inspected beef slaughter facility between Dallas and Corpus Christi. The family sells the beef in its own meat market in La Vernia and of course, Champs Meat Market, here in South Texas.  Peeler Farms also deliver to select restaurants.

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